Cardio Kickboxing Richmond, KY   625-1999


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Your instructor makes a BIG difference in your success with a fitness program!!  In fact, if you are not taught the kicking and punching techniques properly it can cause long term injuries.  Our head instructor, Sharon Moberly, has over 18 years of experience in martial arts.  In 2001, she won the title of World Champion in her division in Taekwondo.  Rest assured you will learn the techniques the correct way from the start.  Additionally, Sharon has been a martial arts instructor since 1997.  This level of martial arts and teaching experience assures you will progress at your own level and get the individual attention you deserve.  

Sharon Moberly, Instructor Bio:

2001 World Champion in Taekwondo
Nationally Certified Martial Arts Instructor
Has taught martial arts since 1997
Multiple Time KY State Champion - Taekwondo